Customer Testimonials

F. Waggeh, Verified Customer:  "I am so in love with my skirts and especially the maxi cardigan! Just know you guys will ALWAYS see me ordering from you guys seriously!!!! You guys should defffff stock more of maxi cardigans! Wow like I'm mind blowned thank you guys and the packaging is too cute!"
A. Elsayed, Verified Customer: " I just received my skirt and I love it! Thank you delicate hijabi :)"
S. Abdallah, Verified Customer:"Thank you soo much! I did receive them yesterday and absolutely loved them, wore one the same day, super comfy. Thank you."
S. Iqbal, Verified Customer: "I am OBSESSED with your skirts!!!! Cannot wait to order more in sha Allah! :)"

N. AlSattari, Verified Customer: "I want to tell you that I just got my order , thank you so much for everything . The order process was great , and everything else , especially the awesome packing .I am really excited to wear each one of my skirts , I can't wait !!Thank you so much again , am looking forward for more inshallah :)Keep it up girls !"

 L. Alawa, Verified Customer: "I love your skirts. Seriously. I referred at least 15 women to your store. And I will keep doing it!"

 K. Elsayed, Verified Customer: "Came home to find a package from @DelicateHijabi beautiful dresses and scarves! Love you, ladies!"

 H. Shaikh, Verified Customer: "I received two skirts and a metallic hijab recently. The order process was great! Items shipped out the same day I ordered and sent through priority 2 day mail. The packaging was lovely, loved the skirts and the hijab is very lightweight! Thank you!" 



M. Nazat, Verified Customer: "Just received my order and skirts r so perfect... will be ordering some more colors...thanks!

S. Sanchez, Verified Customer: "I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! I wore the skirts to church and everyone loves them young ladies as well as the elder ladies are in love with the skirts I hope you get more customers because I'm really happy with my purchase!"

M. Hamed, Verified Customer: "I just got my order in the mail! I loved the skirt and hijab, so impressed with the fabulous quality of the skirt, and everything right down to the awesome packaging!! Thank you so much"

E. Cehic, Verified Customer: "I love love your skirts!"

S. Rahman-Verified Customer: "Salam, I just wanted to let you know that I love the skirts, they are very flowy! I especially love how I got them two days after ordering them. I have gotten many compliments on the skirts. Thank you so much!"

F. Falasteen-Verified Customer:"Hey ladies!!! Thanks so much for the quick delivery! You guys are amazing! I just placed my order for the second set of skirts! Thanks sooooooo much for everything

A. Husain-Verified Customer: I received the grey skirt in the mail, and I absolutely love it! I'm super excited to wear it!!! And I really appreciate your professionalism!”

B. Ibrahim-Verified Customer: “Thanks for the wonderful skirt I totally love it and the pins! I was very please w the quick shipping and will be shopping more in the future inshallah!”

C. Mirzah-Verified Customer: "Thank you oukhty I love the skirts I ordered they fit me alhamdoulilah barak allahou fik"

R. Atcha-Verified Customer: "Omg! I loved the skirts so much I just ordered 4 more which means I will have all the colours now! I love your guys' stuff!"

M. Qasim-Verified Customer:"I loved them..first I bought two for myself and loved em so much then wanted to order two more colors and ordered for my sisters!"

N.Alam-Verified Customer: "i just got ur shipment, LOVE it, lov the skirts so comfy. im jus a shorty so i hafta hem them at the bottom lol. but knew that before buying. THANK u so much inshallah looking fwd to more in future. also must say i lov it how u post little islamic quotes/Qur'an verses on ur site, shows that u girls r not about jus sellin things... but ur heart is in the right place mashallah! keep em coming sis

jazakh Allah"

N. Afia A.K.A Babylailalov-Verified Customer "Omg seriously I can't wait to do the video! I'm OBSESSED WITH YOUR SKIRT! Mashallah! Thank you so much for sending it to me! I plan on wearing it for eid! I can't wait thank you!!!

Nura Afia-Noorzai"

R. Atcha-Verified Customer: "I got my second parcel today! I love the skirts mashaAllah they are amazing!" H. Khan-Verified Customer: "I got my pink/coral skirt today!! I absolutely love it! Usually when I order stuff online it is blah but this absolutely perfect! Thanks so much"

Y. Ramos-Verified Customer: "Mash'Allah I received my order (2 maxi skirts) & not only are they beautifully made, but I LOVE the colored ziplock bags which I will use to store them insha'Allah. BarakAllahu feekum."

J. Ahmed-Verified Customer: "Assalamalikum sis, I've received my skirt today. I love it can't wait to wear it tnx:)"

F. Amani-Verified Customer: "Salma walaikum! Than you, I have been looking for skirts for a cheaper price and you all provided that for me. I just bought three skirts under the name ------ you guys are awesome and hopefully my address is correct."

S Sohla-Verified Customer: "I got them, they look lovely...haven't tried it on yet...will do so this weekend. Can't wait! Thank you sister!!"

R. Ahmed-Verified Customer: "W'salam! Yes! She loved it! And so do I! Thanks again"

N.Zakaria-Verified Customer: "so after a super long day of school and stuff, i came back to a lovely package from you guys. Jazak Allah Kheir"

J. Mir-Verified Customer: "Yayy I've been looking for a skirt that meets those hijab friendly conditions! Lol thank you guys! You've done a great job with the website and everything:)"

A.Islam-Verified Customer: "Salaam love! So i am in love with the skirt I got and want more!!!!"